What Is Jordan Parrish?

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What Is Jordan Parrish?

In the captivating and supernatural world of the TV series “Teen Wolf,” Jordan Parrish emerges as a character shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Portrayed by actor Ryan Kelley, Jordan Parrish plays a pivotal role in the show’s unfolding supernatural drama. In this blog post, we’ll explore the character of Jordan Parrish, his background, and the enigmatic qualities that make him a standout figure in the “Teen Wolf” universe.

The Enigmatic Deputy Parrish

Jordan Parrish is introduced to “Teen Wolf” in the third season, working as a deputy in the Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Department. What sets him apart from other characters in the series is his unique background and his innate connection to the supernatural elements that plague the town.

Key Aspects Of Jordan Parrish:

  1. Mysterious Origins: Jordan Parrish’s origins are a central mystery of the show. He has amnesia and is struggling to remember his past. As the series progresses, his true nature is gradually revealed.
  2. Inexplicable Abilities: Throughout the series, Jordan Parrish displays supernatural abilities that defy explanation. He is impervious to fire and can regenerate from injuries, leaving both the characters and the audience perplexed.
  3. Connection to Hellhound: It is eventually revealed that Jordan Parrish is a hellhound, a supernatural creature linked to the mythical Cerberus, the guardian of the Underworld. He has the ability to sense death and is drawn to supernatural phenomena.
  4. Loyalty and Heroism: Despite his enigmatic nature, Parrish is depicted as a loyal and heroic character, working with the other main characters to protect Beacon Hills from supernatural threats.
  5. Character Growth: Over the course of the series, Jordan Parrish undergoes significant character development, evolving from a confused deputy to a powerful, self-assured supernatural being.

The Enigma Of The Hellhound

One of the central mysteries surrounding Jordan Parrish is the nature of the hellhound. Hellhounds are mythological creatures associated with guarding the supernatural realm and guiding souls to the afterlife. Their presence is often linked to death and destruction. In “Teen Wolf,” Parrish grapples with his identity as a hellhound and the challenges and responsibilities that come with it.

Parrish’s Connection To Beacon Hills

As the events of “Teen Wolf” unfold, it becomes clear that Beacon Hills is no ordinary town. It is a focal point for various supernatural occurrences and a battleground for supernatural creatures. Jordan Parrish’s connection to this town is a testament to his role as a protector and guardian against these otherworldly threats.

The Character’s Evolution

Jordan Parrish’s character arc is a testament to the complexity and depth of character development in “Teen Wolf.” From a seemingly ordinary deputy with amnesia to a powerful and self-aware hellhound, his evolution is a central element of the show’s narrative.


Jordan Parrish, portrayed by Ryan Kelley, is a character in “Teen Wolf” who captivates the audience with his enigmatic background, supernatural abilities, and unwavering loyalty. As a hellhound, he navigates a world filled with supernatural threats and mysteries, all while coming to terms with his true identity and purpose. His character adds a unique dimension to the “Teen Wolf” universe and contributes to the show’s enduring appeal.

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What Kind Of Creature Is Parrish?

Not only does the deputy pack heat, but he’s harboring some mad supernatural powers that we don’t fully understand (yet). We do know this: The deputy has been possessed by a hellhound, a harbinger of death and creature of the Wild Hunt who protects the supernatural.

How Did Jordan Parrish Become A Hellhound?

The Hellhound, who is known as Cerberus and many other names, possessed Parrish when he was blown up in an explosion while serving in Afghanistan, which happened to occur at the exact moment that Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, and Allison Argent drowned themselves in the surrogate sacrifice ritual in Alpha Pact.

What Are The Powers Of Jordan Parrish’s Hellhound?

They possess the power to generate fire and heat from their bodies and control these elements, as evidenced when Parrish burned Theo Raeken and knocked him out with a flaming punch to the face, and when Parrish incinerated the Chimera Corey Bryant’s body when he tried to restrain Parrish in a battle.

What Happened To Jordan Parrish In Season 5?

After battling the Beast once again, he is taken to the Argents where he is put in a cooling chamber to get in touch with the Hellhound. The guardian claims that Parrish doesn’t exist and is a means to an end.

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