What Is Duck Butter?

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What Is Duck Butter?

When it comes to peculiar colloquial terms, few phrases raise as many eyebrows as “duck butter.” Initially, the phrase might invoke a range of mental images, from something culinary to, perhaps, a peculiar grooming product for waterfowl. However, the reality behind this term is both fascinating and unexpected.

So, What Exactly Is Duck Butter?

  • Origin and Meaning: Duck butter isn’t found in any recipe book or on the shelves of a store. Instead, it’s a slang term that has its roots in various subcultures, often associated with different meanings depending on the context. Primarily, it’s used to refer to a bodily substance.
  • Use in Pop Culture: The term gained notoriety due to its inclusion in the title of a 2018 indie film, “Duck Butter,” directed by Miguel Arteta and starring Alia Shawkat and Laia Costa. The movie explored the concept in a unique way, shedding light on intimate relationships, emotional vulnerability, and the complexities of human connections.
  • Bodily Context: In a more literal sense, “duck butter” refers to the combination of sweat, oils, and other bodily secretions that might collect in various places on the body, particularly in warm, moist areas. It’s not the most appetizing image, but it’s a natural phenomenon that occurs due to bodily functions.

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The Controversy And Intrigue Surrounding The Term:

  • Ambiguity and Interpretations: Due to its ambiguity and varied interpretations, the term can evoke confusion or laughter. Some find it humorous, while others might cringe at the thought. Its use in casual conversation might elicit different reactions based on cultural backgrounds or personal sensibilities.
  • Social Commentary: Interestingly, the term has also been subject to social commentary, prompting discussions on the intricacies of language, slang, and how meanings evolve within different communities.


In essence, duck butter is a quirky term that exemplifies the diverse and often perplexing nature of language. It’s a phrase that can prompt amusement, confusion, or even deeper contemplation depending on one’s perspective.

So, the next time someone mentions “duck butter,” remember, it might not be what you initially think. Whether it’s a source of humor, curiosity, or just plain oddity, this unconventional term is undeniably part of the rich tapestry of language.

Understanding its context, however, is key to avoiding any eyebrow-raising misunderstandings!

Until next time, embrace the uniqueness of language and the curious terms that make it endlessly intriguing.


What Is Duck Butter Used For?

Hercules® Duck Butter® is a water-soluble pipe lubricant for joining pipe and fitting with rubber, synthetic rubber or plastic gaskets. The soft paste spreads easily and thinly to give superior lubrication.

Is Duck Butter A Real Thing?

You can make duck butter with any piece of waterfowl skin.

Gourmet-Gucci-grocery-store-level stuff. Rendered waterfowl fat is all this and more. It’s also incredibly easy to make.

How Do You Get Rid Of Duck Butter?

Wear freshly wash and iron underwear to avoid nasty odours and infections. Pubic hairs are known to trap moisture which could lead to a heavy load of duck butter. Instead, a regular shave would keep your groin area nice and airy. Cotton briefs would soak up excess moisture from your genital area.

What Happens In Duck Butter?

Now we have “Duck Butter,” a refreshing new romantic comedy for the queer folk that doesn’t ever address about being queer. Two women, who are dissatisfied with the dishonesty they see in dating and relationships, decide to make a pact to spend 24 hours together hoping to find a new way to create intimacy.

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