What Is A European Plan?

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When it comes to travel, accommodations play a significant role in shaping the overall experience. Among the various lodging options available, different meal plans cater to diverse preferences and needs. One such plan that offers a unique dining experience is the “European Plan” (EP). Let’s embark on a journey to understand what the European Plan entails, how it differs from other meal plans, and why it’s a favorite among travelers seeking culinary exploration.

What Is A European Plan?

The European Plan, often abbreviated as EP, is a lodging option offered by hotels and resorts that includes only the room rate without any meals included. Unlike other meal plans that bundle accommodations with dining options, the European Plan provides guests with the freedom to explore local eateries and culinary offerings beyond the hotel premises.

Dining Freedom And Flexibility

The European Plan is beloved for the freedom and flexibility it grants travelers when it comes to dining choices. With no predetermined meals included in the package, guests have the opportunity to venture out and discover the local gastronomic scene. This culinary adventure can lead to sampling authentic dishes, trying renowned restaurants, and immersing oneself in the flavors of the destination.

Key Differences: European Plan Vs. Other Meal Plans

  1. American Plan (AP): Unlike the European Plan, the American Plan includes both accommodations and meals in the room rate. Guests on the American Plan typically enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the hotel’s on-site restaurant or designated dining areas.
  2. Modified American Plan (MAP): The Modified American Plan includes accommodations, breakfast, and dinner in the room rate. Lunch is usually not included, allowing guests to explore local eateries during the day.
  3. All-Inclusive Plan (AI): The All-Inclusive Plan offers the most comprehensive experience, encompassing accommodations, all meals, drinks, and sometimes even activities. This plan is designed to provide a hassle-free vacation experience with all amenities included.

Why Choose The European Plan?

  1. Culinary Exploration: For food enthusiasts and travelers who relish discovering local flavors, the European Plan is a perfect fit. It allows you to explore the culinary offerings of the destination and savor each meal as a unique experience.
  2. Variety: With no set meals included, you have the flexibility to try a range of dining establishments, from street food stalls to fine dining restaurants.
  3. Budget Control: The European Plan gives travelers more control over their dining budget. You can choose to splurge on a gourmet dinner one night and opt for a more affordable option the next.
  4. Local Immersion: Dining at local restaurants provides a deeper connection to the culture and traditions of the destination, enhancing the overall travel experience.


The European Plan offers a delightful departure from traditional meal plans by placing the focus on culinary exploration and local immersion. It’s the ideal choice for travelers who seek to savor the flavors of a new destination, whether by indulging in local delicacies, trying regional specialties, or embracing the joy of discovering hidden culinary gems. So, the next time you’re planning a getaway, consider the European Plan for a truly enriching and flavorful journey.

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What Is A European Plan Vs All-Inclusive?

A European Plan hotel rate does not include any meals or beverages. An All-Inclusive hotel rate includes all meals, beverages, and some activities.

What Does European Plan Mean When Booking A Hotel?

European Plan, means only the stay is included in the rates and you will have to pay extra for using the dining facilities at the hotel. In general terms, it can be called the “Room Only” Plan. Continental Plan, is where the hotel includes a daily breakfast with your rooms stay.

What Is The Difference Between American Plan And European Plan?

European Plan means just the hotel/lodging, with meals on your own. American Plan means lodging and meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) included in the price.

What Is A European Meal Plan At Resorts?

The European Plan, sometimes abbreviated as EP in hotel listings, indicates that the quoted rate is strictly for lodging and does not include any meals. All food provided by the hotel is billed separately.

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