What Color Is Cordovan?

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Cordovan—a word that invokes an image of luxury, heritage, and timeless elegance. But what exactly is the color cordovan, and why does it hold a special place in the world of fashion and design? In this blog, we’ll explore the rich and distinctive hue of cordovan, its history, and its significance in the realm of leather craftsmanship and fashion.

What Color Is Cordovan?

Cordovan is a deep, reddish-brown color that is often described as a rich shade of burgundy. It is characterized by its warm and earthy undertones, making it a versatile and sophisticated color choice for various applications. The name “cordovan” is derived from the Spanish city of Córdoba, known for its centuries-old tradition of leatherwork.

Key Characteristics Of Cordovan Color:

  • Reddish-Brown Base: Cordovan’s base color is a blend of deep red and brown hues, creating a warm and inviting tone.
  • Rich and Lustrous: Cordovan is renowned for its lustrous and glossy finish, which adds to its overall elegance.
  • Subtle Variations: Depending on lighting and materials, cordovan can exhibit subtle variations in color, ranging from deep burgundy to dark brown.
  • Timeless Appeal: Cordovan’s classic and timeless nature has made it a popular choice for leather goods, fashion, and interior design for centuries.

Historical Significance Of Cordovan

The association of cordovan with luxury and craftsmanship can be traced back to the ancient city of Córdoba in Spain. It was in Córdoba that skilled artisans developed a unique tanning process using horsehide, resulting in the distinctive cordovan leather. This leather became highly sought after for its exceptional durability, smooth texture, and rich color.

Cordovan leather was used in the creation of various luxury items, including fine footwear, gloves, and accessories. It gained popularity in Europe during the Renaissance and Baroque periods, becoming a symbol of prestige and quality. Over the centuries, cordovan leather has remained a hallmark of luxury and craftsmanship.

Cordovan In Fashion And Design

  1. Footwear: Cordovan leather is a preferred choice for crafting high-quality dress shoes and boots. Its rich color and unique texture add a touch of refinement to footwear, making it a favorite among discerning shoe enthusiasts.
  2. Accessories: Cordovan’s timeless appeal extends to accessories such as wallets, belts, and watch straps. These items often feature the distinctive hue and luster of cordovan leather, elevating their overall aesthetic.
  3. Furniture and Interior Design: Cordovan color is also used in interior design, where it can be found in upholstered furniture, wall coverings, and decorative elements. Its warm and inviting tones add a touch of sophistication to living spaces.
  4. Fashion Apparel: Designers occasionally incorporate cordovan-colored fabrics and materials into clothing and outerwear, embracing its rich and luxurious appearance.


Cordovan color, with its deep reddish-brown allure, encapsulates a sense of luxury, tradition, and timelessness. It has been cherished by artisans, designers, and craftsmen for centuries, gracing a wide range of items from fine leather shoes to opulent furniture. Its enduring popularity is a testament to its unique and captivating character. So, the next time you encounter the enchanting hue of cordovan, take a moment to appreciate the heritage and elegance it represents in the world of fashion and design.

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What Does Cordovan Color Look Like?

You’ll sometimes hear the word “cordovan” be used to refer to a reddish-brown color that’s also referred to as oxblood or burgundy.

Is Cordovan Red Or Brown?

Cordovan, by definition, has two different meanings; it is both a type of leather and a color. Essentially, it is a somewhat rugged type of horse leather, and/or it is a unique dark reddish-brown color. The term is most often used as a color.

Is Cordovan A Red Color?

Cordovan is a dark, rich shade of red with the hex code #814141, similar to but with less purple than burgundy. The color gets its name from Cordoba, Spain, where leather in this particular shade has been manufactured since the seventh century.

What Colors Does Cordovan Go With?

Tan, blue and Gray are great looking with cordovan. #8 shell is a great color.

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