Top 5 Shortest WWE Wrestlers

Who are the Top 5 Shortest WWE Wrestlers? In professional wrestling, size is not always an advantage. Some of the shortest wrestlers in WWE history have managed to become fan favorites and achieve great success in the ring. 

List of 5 Shortest WWE Wrestlers 

These all Shortest WWE Wrestlers are in the order from 1.32 Meters to 1.50 Meters

  1. Hornswoggle – 1.32 Meters
  2. Rey Mysterio – 1.68 Meters
  3. Spike Dudley – 1.68 Meters
  4. El Torito – 1.42 Meters
  5. Tornado – 1.50 Meters

Top 5 Shortest WWE Wrestlers 

Let us now know about the above-mentioned Shortest WWE Wrestlers

  1. Hornswoggle – 1.32 Meters:


Hornswoggle, whose real name is Dylan Postl, is the shortest wrestler in WWE history, standing at just 1.32 meters. Despite his small stature, Hornswoggle was a fan favorite and won the Cruiserweight Championship in 2007. He was also a part of the popular faction, D-Generation X.

  1. Rey Mysterio – 1.68 Meters:

Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio is one of the most famous wrestlers in WWE history, despite his relatively short height of 1.68 meters. He is known for his high-flying acrobatics and has won numerous championships during his career, including the World Heavyweight Championship.

  1. Spike Dudley – 1.68 Meters:

Spike Dudley

Spike Dudley, whose real name is Matthew Hyson, is another wrestler who made a name for himself despite his small size. Standing at just 1.68 meters, he was known for his high-flying moves and his ability to take a beating in the ring.

  1. El Torito – 1.42 Meters:

El Torito

El Torito, whose real name is Jorge González, is a retired wrestler who stood at just 1.42 meters tall. He was a part of the Los Matadores tag team and was known for his acrobatic moves and his signature flying headbutt.

  1. Tornado – 1.50 Meters:


Tornado, whose real name is Toru Owashi, is a Japanese wrestler who made his name in the hardcore wrestling scene. Despite his small size of 1.50 meters, he was known for his tough-as-nails attitude and his willingness to take a beating in the ring.

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Who Is The Shortest Active WWE Wrestler?

The 10 Shortest Current Male WWE Wrestlers

1 Drake Maverick: 5’4”

2 Rey Mysterio: 5’6” 

3 Akira Tozawa: 5’7” 

4 Lince Dorado: 5’7” 

5 Brian Kendrick: 5’7” 

6 Wes Lee: 5’7” 

7 Joaquin Wilde: 5’7” 

8 Raul Mendoza: 5’7”  

How Tall Is The Shortest WWE Champion?

However, the fact that a man of his height became the world heavyweight champion in the WWE is simply astonishing. Mysterio, at 5’5″, is the shortest and lightest man to hold a world championship in WWE history.

Who Is 5 Feet 10 Inches In WWE?

9 Crash Holly (5’10”)

Crash didn’t just get over the Super Heavyweight gimmick, claiming he weighed over 400 lbs. He also established the 24/7 Hardcore Championship rule, which years later has now come back around in the form of the 24/7 Championship. He might not have had any Marquis 5-Star matches.

Is 5 8 Too Short For WWE?

Though it is true WWE committee goes through a tight thorough process including numerous medical and psychological examinations, a 5’8” height shouldn’t be an obstacle considering you’ve got the mass and skills to stand up to the weights of the ring. There are many WWE (also when WWF) superstars even shorter than that.


In conclusion, these are just a few examples of some of the shortest WWE wrestlers in history. While size may not always be an advantage in professional wrestling, these wrestlers proved that they could hold their own in the ring and achieve great success.


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