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Top 10 Shortest Wrestlers In The World

Are you ready to know about the shortest wrestler? WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment, wrestling requires some mental and physical strength to perform in that ring and beat your challenger. Who is the shortest WWE wrestler? You may have noticed that some wrestlers have bigger bodies and some have taller and in the era of the 1990s, 1980s, 1970s, and 1960s the veterans were the order of the day. In this post, we will look at the shortest Wrestlers.  

List Of 10 Shortest Wrestlers 

The shortest wrestler is listed below as per the height of the wrestlers. 

  1. Hornswoggle
  2. Kacy Catanzaro
  3. Alexa Bliss
  4. Drake Maverick 
  5. Spike Dudley
  6. Kalisto
  7. Rey Mysterio
  8. Evan Bourne
  9. Funaki 
  10. Tamatsubaki Kentaro

Top 10 Shortest Wrestlers

From the above list of the shortest wrestler, there are the top 10 wrestlers that have small heights. Let us know more about them.

  1. Hornswoggle


Height – 4 ft 5 in

Dylan Mark Postal is an American professional wrestler and actor. He was born on 29 May 1986. For its time in the WWE, it has been known as the Hornsvogel Ring. He made his WWE debut in 2006 with Finlay. Hornswoggle is the shortest wrestler of all time.

  1. Kacy Catanzaro

Kacy Catanzaro 

Height – 5 ft 0 in

Kacy Esther Catanzaro is an American professional wrestler, gymnast, and athletics-based television personality. She was born on January 14, 1990. Kacy is one of the shortest WWE female wrestlers. She currently has a contract with WWE on an NXT brand called Katana Chance Ring.

  1. Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss

Height – 5 ft 1 in

Alexa Bliss is an American professional wrestler born on August 9, 1991. In 2013, Bliss signed with WWE and was assigned to their Performance Center and developmental brand NXT. Alexa is the shortest wrestler in AEW. She made her main roster debut on the SmackDown brand in 2016.

  1. Drake Maverick

Drake Maverick

Height – 5 ft 4 in 

Drake Maverick is an English former Oriental Wrestler who was born on January 30, 1983. He currently works as a writer on Raw for WWE. Drake has also worked for Impact Wrestling under the ring name Rockstar Spad. He plays the shortest wrestler wrestling match ever.

  1. Spike Dudley

Spike Dudley

Height – 5 ft 5 in

Matthew Jonathan Hyson is an American retired professional wrestler best known for his tenure at World Wrestling Entertainment as Spike Dudley. He was born on 13 August 1970. Before WWE, Hyson began working as a Spike Dudley with Extreme Championship Wrestling in the 1990s.

  1. Kalisto


Height – 5 ft 6 in 

Emmanuel Alejandro Rodriguez is an American professional wrestler currently performing under the name Samurai del Sol. He is best known for his time in the WWE, where he performed in a ring called Callisto. He was born on November 14, 1986.

  1. Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio 

Height – 5 ft 6 in 

Oscar Gutierrez, known in his ring as Ray Mysterio, is currently an American professional wrestler who has signed with WWE, where he performs on the Raw brand. He was born on 11 December 1974. Ray Mysterio’s height is up to 168 cm and began his professional wrestling career in 1989.

  1. Evan Bourne

Evan Bourne 

Height – 5 ft 7 in 

Matthew Joseph Corklan, better known in the ring as Matt Siddle, is an American professional wrestler currently signed to All Elite Wrestling. He was born on 19 March 1983 and is known as Evan Bourne. Evan debuted their wrestling career in 2000.

  1. Funaki


Height – 5 ft 7 in

Shoichi Sho Funaki is a Japanese professional wrestler and color commentator who has signed on to WWE. He is a one-time cruiserweight champion and one-time hardcore champion. Funaki was born on August 24, 1968. He currently works as a Japanese play-by-play commentator for WWE. On our list, Funaki is the tallest WWE wrestler.

  1. Tamatsubaki Kentaro 

Height – 5 ft 3 in

Tamatsubaki Kentaro was the shortest sumo wrestler from Toyama, Japan. He was born on November 10, 1883, and was known for his techniques that accommodated his small size. After retirement, he came to be known as Shiratma-Oyakata.

To Figure Out Such Kind Things On Shortestt


Who Is The Shortest Man In Wrestling?

The 15 smallest WWE Superstars in history, including Daniel Bryan & Rey Mysterio

  • Daniel Bryan (5’10)
  • Tyson Kidd (5’10) Talking of the Hart family and the final graduate of the Hart Dungeon, Tyson Kidd is next.
  • Tajiri (5’9)
  • Eddie Guerrero (5’8)
  • Funaki (5’7)
  • Rey Mysterio (5’6)
  • Spike Dudley (5’5)

Who Is The Best Wrestler In WWE?

The Undertaker. The workhorse of the WWE and widely regarded as the greatest wrestler ever produced by the company, The Undertaker has been under contract for the company since the 1990s.

Who Is The No 1 WWE Champion?

John Cena
He is undoubtedly the biggest superstar to have ever stepped inside the WWE ring. His accomplishments as the WWE Champion are enormous. Cena is a 13 times WWE Champion and has the most number of title reigns.

Who Is The Strongest WWE Wrestler?

Mark Henry
Mark Henry’s whole gimmick is based on being the World’s Strongest Man. He has competed in the Olympic Games and many other strongman competitions. Reason for being on the list: Mark Henry won the Arnold Classic in 2002. This involves the strongest of the strongest and he won it by a country mile.


In this article, we share the details about the Wrestlers. We discussed who is the shortest wrestler in WWE. There are many wrestlers but we only share who has a small height. Do you know who is the tallest wrestler? Jorge Gonzalez is the tallest wrestler in WWE who has heightened up to 8 feet. Also, we saw a female WWE wrestler. The above information was all about the shortes Wrestlers in WWE.


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