Top 15 Shortest Rappers

The hip-hop industry is full of all kinds of people, from the shortest rappers to taller ones. They all are very popular in the hip-hop industry. They are best known for their raping skill & shortest height. We will look at rappers height, their careers, and some of their details. Let us check out the shortest rappers in the industry.   

List Of The 15 Shortest Rappers

The shortest rappers are listed below as per the height of the rappers. 

  1. Bushwick Bill
  2. Lil’ Kim
  3. Missy Elliott
  4. Foxy Brown
  5. Trina 
  6. Eazy-E 
  7. Azealia Banks
  8. Lauryn Hill
  9. Jermaine Dupri 
  10. Lil’ Zane
  11. Lil Wayne
  12. Plies
  13. Big Boi 
  14. Shawty Lo
  15. Lil Jon

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Top 15 Shortest Rappers

From the above list of the shortest rappers, there are the top 15 rappers who have a short height. Let us know more about them.

  1. Bushwick Bill

Bushwick Bill

Height – 3.67 ft

Bushwick Bill’s real name is Richard William Stephen Shaw an American rapper, and record producer. He was born on December 8, 1966. Bill was a member of the pioneering Texas hip hop group Geto Boys. He is the shortest rapper of all time.

  1. Lil’ Kim

Lil’ Kim

Height – 4.9 ft

Kimberly Denise Jones best known as Lil Kim is an American shortest female rapper and TV personality. She was born on 11 July 1974. In her teens, Kim will rap freestyle, which was influenced by fellow female hip hop artists such as MC Lite, and The lady of Rage.

  1. Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott

Height – 5.15 ft

Melissa Arnette Missy Elliott is the shortest American rapper & singer who was born on 1 July 1971. She began her musical career in the early 1990s with R&B Girl Group Sista. According to Billboard in 2017, Missy is the best-selling female rapper in the history of Nielsen Music.

  1. Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown

Height – 5.15 ft

Foxy Brown’s real name is Inga DeCarlo Fung Marchand an American famous rapper who was born on 6 September 1978. Foxy was a member of the hip hop supergroup The Firm, along with Nas, AZ, and Cormega.

  1. Trina


Height – 5.18 ft

Katrina Laverne better known as Trina is a popular American rapper and songwriter who was born on 3 December 1974. Her dominance increased when she appeared in the 1998 Trick Daddy single Nunn Nigga.

  1. Eazy-E


Height – 5.22 ft

Eazy-E Aka Eric Lynn Wright is the shortest male rapper from America. He was born on 7 September 1964. Eazy-E has been called the Godfather of gangsta rap.

  1. Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks

Height – 5.24 ft

Azealia Amanda Banks is an American rapper who was born on 31 May 1991. In 2011, her first single 212 went viral and joined several international charts.

  1. Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill

Height – 5.28 ft

Lauryn Noelle Hill is an American famous shortest rapper and actress who was born on 26 May 1975. Hill is known as one of the greatest rappers of all time, she was also one of the most influential singers of her generation.

  1. Jermaine Dupri

Jermaine Dupri 

Height – 5.28 ft

Jermaine Dupri is the shortest American record producer who was born on 23 September 1972. In 1990, he produced his first act, the female hip-hop trio Silk Tymes Leather.

  1. Lil’ Zane

Lil’ Zane

Height – 5.4 ft

The shortest rapper right now is Zane R. Copeland Jr. aka Lil Zane an American rapper from Atlanta, Georgia who was born on 11 July 1982. He is best known for his studio album Young World: The Future, which features the single Calling Me.

  1. Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

Height – 5.4 ft

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. aka Lil Wayne is an American singer and one of the shortest rappers males. He was born on 27 September 1982. Lil’s career began in 1995, at the age of 12, when he was signed by rapper Birdman and joined Cash Money Records as the youngest member of the label.

  1. Plies


Height – 5.4 ft

Plies Aka Algernod Lanier Washington is an American rapper and he is the shortest tapper height is up to 1.15 meters. He was born on 1 July 1976.

  1. Big Boi

Big Boi

Height – 5.51 ft

Antwan Andre Patton known as Big Boi is the shortest American rapper who was born on 1 February 1975. He is known as a member of the Southern hip-hop Outcast along with Andre.

  1. Shawty Lo

Shawty Lo

Height – 5.51 ft

Carlos Rico Walker better known as Shawty Lo was an American rapper from Moultrie, Georgia who was born on 22 March 1976. Shawty died in a car crash in 2016.

  1. Lil Jon

Lil Jon

Height – 5.51 ft

Lil Jon’s real name is Jonathan H. Smith an American rapper and DJ. He is the frontman for the multi-platinum selling rap group Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz.

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Who Are The Top 8 Youngest Rappers?

8 of the Youngest Rappers of All Time

  • Name: Edward K. Archer. Age: 16.
  • Name: Dwayne Carter Jr. Age: 15. Born: 09/27/1982.
  • Name: DeAndre Way. Age: 14. Born: 07/28/1990.
  • Name: Shad Gregory Moss. Age: 11.
  • Name: Christopher Wallace. Age: 10.
  • Name: Willow Smith. Age: 10.
  • Name: James Todd Smith. Age: 9.
  • Name: Jordy Lemoine. Age: 4.

Who Is The King Of Underground Rap?

But no one gives credit to the absolute king of the underground, MF DOOM.

Who Is The Most Popular Soundcloud Rapper?

Featuring mainstream rappers who were discovered on SoundCloud, like Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert, and up-and-coming SoundCloud rappers, like Lil Pump and 6ix9ine, this list of good SoundCloud rappers also includes Ski Mask the Slump God, Russ, Smokepurpp, Trippie Redd, and Ugly God.

Who Is The Best Underground Hip Hop Rapper?

Underground Hip-Hop Artists

  • MF DOOM. 1,023,804 listeners.
  • Aesop Rock. 664,956 listeners.
  • Mos Def. 1,232,904 listeners.
  • 1,024,965 listeners.
  • 805,153 listeners.
  • Jedi Mind Tricks. 480,361 listeners.
  • 452,284 listeners.
  • J Dilla. 762,673 listeners.

Who Has The Fastest Rap?

The fastest rapper in the English language is US artist Ab-Soul, rapping 8.31 seconds per second on average. The fastest Italian artist is Shiva, who raps an impressive 6.33 syllables per second on average. Puerto Rican artist Kendo Kaponi is the fastest in Spanish, rapping an average of 6.11 syllables per second.

What Is Faster Rap God Or Godzilla?

In total, the 3-min 31-sec “Godzilla” contains 959 words from start to end (an average of 4.54 words per second) – considerably less than the 1,560 words that appear in the 6-min 4-sec “Rap God” (an average of 4.28 words per second), which retains the title for the most words in a hit single.

Who Is The Shorter Rapper?

Foxy Brown (real name Inga DeCarlo Fung Marchand) is one of the famous American shortest rappers, born on September 6, 1978, her height is 5.15 Ft (1.57M).

Who Is The Longest Rapper In The World?

A London school teacher has broken the world rapping record by freestyling for almost 40 hours. Daniel Alcon, from Wimbledon, skipped sleep for two nights and lived off fruit and tea to rap consecutively for 39 hours and 37 minutes.

Who Is The Fastest Rapper Alive?

The fastest rapper in the English language is US artist Ab-Soul, rapping 8.31 seconds per second on average. The fastest Italian artist is Shiva, who raps an impressive 6.33 syllables per second on average. Puerto Rican artist Kendo Kaponi is the fastest in Spanish, rapping an average of 6.11 syllables per second.


In this article, we share the details about the rappers. We discussed who are the shortest rappers and what is their height. We also saw when and where they were born. I hope the above information is helpful to know about the shortest rappers

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