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Top 10 Shortest Gymnast

Do you know who is the shortest gymnast? Gymnastics is a sport played by both males and females. Gymnastics is the physical exercise requiring balance, flexibility, strength, agility, coordination, endurance, and dedication. In this post, we will look at some of the many shortest gymnast.  

List Of The Top 10 Shortest Gymnast

The shortest gymnast is listed downward as per the height of the gymnasts. 

  1. Claudia Fragapane
  2. Asuka Teramoto
  3. Kerri Strug
  4. Simone Biles
  5. Mary Lou Retton
  6. Flavia Saraiva
  7. Deng Linli
  8. Daniele Hypolito
  9. Andreea Raducan
  10. Jonathan Horton

Top 10 Shortest Gymnast 

From the upper list of the shortest gymnast, there are the top 10 shortest gymnasts in the world. Let’s know more about them.

  1. Claudia Fragapane

Claudia Fragapane

Height – 4 ft 6 in 

Do you know who is the shortest female gymnast?

Claudia Fragapane is a British artistic gymnast who was born on October 24, 1997, in Bristol, England. Fragapane was a part of the women’s gymnastic team that won Great Britain’s first-ever team medal, a bronze, at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships.

  1. Asuka Teramoto

Asuka Teramoto

Height – 4 ft 6 in   

Asuka Teramoto is a Japanese gymnast who was born on November 19, 1995, in Komaki, Aichi, Japan. Her 1st major international senior competition was the 2011 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Tokyo, Japan. Asuka Teramoto is the shortest gymnast ever.

  1. Kerri Strug

Kerri Strug

Height – 4 ft 7 in   

The 3rd shortest gymnast female is Kerri Strug, she is a retired American gymnast from Arizona. Kerri was a member of Magnificant Seven, the all-time winning women’s gymnastics team that represented the United States at the 1996 summer Olympics.

  1. Simone Biles

Simone Biles

Height – 4 ft 8 in

Simone Biles is an American artistic gymnast who was born on 14 March 1997, in Columbus, Ohio, U.S. Simone is the shortest gymnast in the Olympics who win the 32 Olympic and World Championship medals.

  1. Mary Lou Retton

Mary Lou Retton

Height – 4 ft 9 in  

Mary Lou Retton is an American gymnast and the shortest Olympic gymnast ever who was born on 24, January 1968, in Fairmont, West Virginia. She won the gold medal in the individual all-around competition, as well as two silver and bronze medals at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

  1. Flavia Saraiva

Flavia Saraiva

Height – 4 ft 9 in       

Flavia Saraiva is the Brazilian shortest female gymnast ever who was born on 30 September 1999, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She represented Brazil at the Summer Youth Olympics 2014 in Nanjing, the Summer Olympics 2016 in Rio, and the Summer Olympics 2020 in Tokyo.

  1. Deng Linli

Deng Linli

Height – 4 ft 9 in  

Deng Linli is a Chinese retired shortest gymnast’s a height is up to 146 cm. She was born on 21 Aprile 1992, in Lixin, Anhui, China.  She is a world champion in 2009 and the Olympic champion in 2012 on the balance beam.

  1. Daniele Hypolito

Daniele Hypolito

Height – 4 ft 10 in 

Daniele Hypolito is a Brazilian gymnast and one of the shortest Olympic gymnasts. Daniele was the first Brazilian athlete to win a silver medal at the 2001 World Championships. She was born on 8 September 1984, in Santo Andre, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

  1. Andreea Raducan

Andreea Raducan

Height – 4 ft 11 in   

Andreea Raducan is a retired Rumania gymnast and being of the shortest female gymnast in Olympics. She presently works as a sports announcer and journalist. Andreea was born on 30 September 198, in Barlad, Romania.

  1. Jonathan Horton

Jonathan Horton

Height – 5 ft 1 in   

Jonathan Horton is a retired American gymnast and the shortest male gymnast. He is the Olympic silver medalist on high bar in 2008, the World all-around bronze medalist in 2010, the 2-time Olympian, and the 2-time US. National All-Around Champion, and a 17-time medalist at the US. National Championships. He was born on 31 December 1985, in Houston, Texas, US.

To Figure Out Such Kind Things On Shortestt


Who Is The Shortest Girl Gymnast?

At 4’8″ (1.42m), Simone Biles might be one of the smallest athletes competing in the Rio Olympics, but the American gymnast’s tiny frame belies her incredible strength and technique.

Are Shorter Gymnasts Better?

Because the more demanding gymnastics routines have become, the bigger an advantage it is to be small. A smaller gymnast not only has a better power-to-weight ratio. She also has a lower moment of inertia. You can think of moment of inertia as essentially a measure of a body’s resistance to rotating.

Who Are The Shortest Gymnasts?

LOOK: In case you forgot, Olympic gymnasts are really tiny people

  • Simone Biles: 4-8.
  • Gabby Douglas: 5-2.
  • Aly Raisman: 5-2.
  • Madison Kocian: 5-2.
  • Laurie Hernandez: 5-0.
  • MyKayla Skinner (alternate): 5-0.
  • Ashton Locklear (alternate): 5-1.
  • Ragan Smith (alternate): 4-6.

What Is The Best Height For A Gymnast?

Speaking to “The Miami Herald” in the early 1990s, Comaneci and Retton’s coach Bela Karolyi said the ideal size for a gymnast was 4 feet 7 inches to 4 feet 10 inches. In 2008, when the U.S. team took the silver medal, only one gymnast on the U.S. team stood below 5 feet.


In this article, we share the details about gymnastics. We discussed who is the shortest gymnast female and what is their height. We have seen in which year they are born and where they are from. Also, we have to look at how many medals they are won. The above information was all about the world’s shortest gymnast.  


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