The Shortest Country In The World 

What is the shortest country in the world by area and population? Countries in the world can be ranked according to which countries have the smallest population or which have the smallest total area. The total area of ​​a country refers to how much area is covered by the country’s borders. Unlike population, the total area of ​​countries generally does not change from one year to the next. Many of these smaller nations have equally small populations, typically less than half a million inhabitants. So let’s start our today’s topic of the shortest country in the world.   

List Of 10 Shortest Country In The World 

In the below list of the shortest country in the world, I mentioned some countries’ names that are small. 

  1. Vatican 
  2. Tokelau
  3. Monaco
  4. San Marino
  5. Nauru
  6. Marshall Island 
  7. Tuvalu
  8. Liechtenstein
  9. Cocos Island 
  10. Saint Barthelemy

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Top 10 Shortest Country In The World 

From the above list of the shortest country in the world, there are 10 small countries. Let’s know more about them.

  1. Vatican 


Vatican City is an enclave in the heart of Rome. The shortest country in the world is Vatican City, with an area of only 0.49 square kilometers. In this country, approximately 800 citizens can live there. This area is approximately equal to 62 soccer fields. The Vatican became independent from Italy in 1929 with the Lateran Treaty.

  1. Tokelau


Tokelau is a dependency of New Zealand in the South Pacific Ocean. It consists of three tropical coral reefs, Atafu, Nukunonu, and Fakaofo. They have an area of ​​4 square miles. Tokelau is the smallest country in Oceania and the fourth smallest country in the world by area. Tokelau has a population of approximately 1,500 people.

  1. Monaco


Monaco is a sovereign city-state located on the French Riviera, on the Mediterranean Sea, a few kilometers west of the Italian region of Liguria in Western Europe. It is bordered by France to the north, east, and west. With a population of 5,443 as of 2008 and an area of ​​just 1.974 km2, the most populated place is Larvoteau/Bas Moulins.

  1. San Marino

San Marino

San Marino is the world’s smallest country and a European microstate in southern Europe occupied by Italy. Located on the northeastern side of the Apennine Mountains, San Marino covers an area of ​​just over 61 km2 and has a population of 33,562. San Marino is a landlocked country but its northeastern tip is within 10 kilometers of the Italian city of Rimini on the Adriatic Sea.

  1. Nauru


Nauru, formerly known as Pleasant Island, is an island country and microstate in Oceania in the central Pacific. Its nearest neighbor is Banaba Island in Kiribati, 300 km to the east. It has only a 21 KM2 area with a population of about 10,000. Nauru gained independence in 1968 and became a member of the Pacific Community in 1969.

  1. Marshall Island 

Marshall Island 

The Marshall Islands is an independent island nation in the equatorial Pacific Ocean, just west of the International Date Line. The country’s population of 58,413 is spread over five islands and 29 atolls, including 1,156 individual islands and islets. It covers approximately an area of 181.43 km2.

  1. Tuvalu


Tuvalu is an island nation in the Polynesian subregion of Oceania in the Pacific Ocean. Its islands lie between Hawaii and Australia. Tuvalu has a population of 10,507 and the total area of ​​the Tuvalu Islands is 26 square kilometers. The first inhabitants of Tuvalu were Polynesians, theorized that the migration of Polynesians across the Pacific began about three thousand years ago.

  1. Liechtenstein


Liechtenstein is a German-speaking microstate located in the Alps between Austria and Switzerland. Liechtenstein is a semi-constitutional monarchy headed by the Prince of Liechtenstein. A country with an area of ​​only 160 square kilometers and a population of 38,749. Divided into 11 municipalities, its capital is Vaduz and its largest municipality is Shan.

  1. Cocos Island 

Cocos Island

The Cocos Island is an Australian outback in the Indian Ocean, consisting of a small archipelago located midway between Australia and Sri Lanka and relatively close to the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The population of about 600 consists mainly of Cocos Malays and covers a total area of 14 km2.

  1. Saint Barthelemy

Saint Barthelemy

Saint Barthelemy, officially Commune de Saint-Barthelemy, is an overseas commune of France in the Caribbean. It is often abbreviated to Saint-Barth in French and Saint Barts in English. St. Barthelemy, a volcanic island completely surrounded by shallow reefs, has an area of ​​25 square kilometers and a population of 9,961.

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What Country Has The Shortest Height?

Timor-Leste — 155.47cm (5 feet 1.28 inches) People on the Southeast Asian island of Timor are an average 155.47cm (5 feet 1.28 inches) tall.

What Is The Tallest Country?

According to the report, the Netherlands is still the world’s tallest nation with the average height in the country for men 183.78 cm, or 6 foot, and 170.36 cm, or 5 foot 7 inches for women.

Which Country Has The Shortest Males?

At just shy of the five foot three mark, East Timorese men are the shortest in the world. And while they’ve grown from being just five feet tall in 1896, this progress has not been uniform. East Timorese men actually reached a peak height of five foot and 3.3 inches during the 1960s.

How Tall Are Koreans?

According to the results of the eighth Size Korea body index survey, adult Korean men had an average height of 172.5 cm, and adult Korean women had an average height of 159.6 cm — around 5 feet 8 inches and 5 feet 3 inches, respectively.

What Are The 3 Smallest Countries?

The three smallest countries in the world are Vatican City, an enclave within Rome, Italy. Monaco, a principality at the Mediterranean coast and an enclave within Southern France, and Nauru, an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.

Is 5 Ft 7 Short?

“Around 68% of the adult male population are within 3 inches of that height, so 5’7″falls within that majority range. That’s pretty “normal” (i.e. common, typical) for men. So 5’7″ is a little bit shorter than average, but falls within the typical range for an adult male. It is not exceptionally short.”

Is 5.4 A Good Height For A Boy In India?

Average height of Indian men is around 5.5 and indian female is 5.0. There are lakhs of men who are around 5.0 and are happily married. Girls usually expect their partner to be slightly taller than themselves. In that scenario, you are 4 inches taller than an average female.


Today we have discussed a nice topic of which country is small according to area and population. I told you how much area they were covered and how much population there is. Total area and population size are often loosely connected because the larger the area, the more people can fit in it. Therefore, a country with a large area is not guaranteed to have a large population, and a country with a very small area may have an effective citizenry within that space. I think you don’t have any questions about the shortest country in the world.  

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What are the shortest countries in the world

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