From Laptops to Lunches: What You Can Store in Lockable Office Cabinets

Office cabinets are versatile furniture that serve various purposes in the workplace. They provide storage solutions for various items, from sensitive documents and valuable equipment to personal belongings. One key advantage of lockable office cabinets is that they offer security and privacy, ensuring the contents are protected from unauthorised access. This article explores the many items you can store in lockable office cabinets or lockers, highlighting their practicality and convenience.

Documents and Files

Confidential Documents: Lockable office cabinets are ideal for storing confidential and sensitive documents. Whether it’s legal paperwork, financial records, or sensitive client information, a lockable cabinet provides an added layer of security, preventing unauthorised personnel from accessing these critical documents.

Employee Records: Human resources departments often rely on lockable cabinets to store employee records, including contracts, performance evaluations, and personal information. This safeguards sensitive data and ensures compliance with privacy regulations.

Business Contracts: Companies can securely store copies of contracts, agreements, and partnership documents in lockable cabinets. This protects critical legal records and prevents them from getting lost or damaged.

Electronics and Equipment

Laptops and Tablets: Lockable cabinets are a practical choice for safeguarding laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices. This is especially relevant in shared workspaces or environments where employees have hot desks, as it prevents theft and damage.

Projectors and A/V Equipment: Offices frequently use audiovisual equipment and presentation tools. Storing these items in a lockable cabinet ensures they are readily available when needed while protecting them from theft or damage.

Office Supplies: Valuable office supplies like high-quality printers, scanners, and photocopiers can be secured in lockable cabinets to prevent unauthorised use and wear and tear.

Personal Belongings

Bags and Purses: Employees can safely store their personal belongings, such as bags, purses, and briefcases, in lockable cabinets during the workday. This offers peace of mind and prevents the need to leave items unattended at desks.

Lunches and Snacks: Lockable cabinets are ideal for storing lunches and snacks, particularly in communal kitchen areas. This ensures that employees’ food remains untouched and sanitary.

Valuables and Assets

Cash and Petty Cash: Companies that deal with cash transactions, such as retail stores or small businesses, can securely store their daily cash intake in lockable cabinets. This minimises the risk of theft and provides accountability for cash handling.

Office Keys and Access Cards: Access control cards, master keys, and spare office keys can be stored in lockable cabinets, preventing unauthorised access to restricted areas.

Office Stationery and Supplies

Lockable cabinets can house a wide range of office supplies, from paper reams and toner cartridges to envelopes and pens. This centralised storage ensures that employees can easily access the supplies they need while keeping them organised and protected.

Archival and Reference Materials

Archived Files: Companies often need to retain historical records and archived files for compliance or reference purposes. Lockable cabinets can accommodate these files, keeping them organised and accessible while safeguarding their integrity.

Reference Books and Manuals: Manuals, reference books, and documentation can be stored in lockable cabinets in office libraries or common areas. This promotes a neat and organised workspace while protecting valuable reference materials.

Safety Equipment

In emergencies, immediate access to first aid supplies can be crucial. Lockable cabinets in common areas can house first aid kits, defibrillators, and emergency response equipment, ensuring they are readily available when needed.

Technical Equipment

Server rooms or IT departments often utilise lockable cabinets to house technical equipment, such as servers, networking hardware, and communication systems, protecting these critical assets from tampering and theft.


From sensitive documents and electronic equipment to personal belongings and office supplies, lockers offer a secure and practical storage solution for a wide range of items in the workplace. Their versatility and ability to provide privacy and security make them an invaluable addition to any office environment. Whether you’re looking to protect confidential information, keep valuable assets secure, or maintain a well-organised workspace, lockable cabinets are a versatile tool that can enhance the functionality and security of your office.